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Riccardo “Corn79” Lanfranco is born in Turin in 1979.

He is graduated in the faculty of DAMS by the University of Turin – multimedia course degree, with a graduation thesis about semiotics titled “ Beauty and decay of the city. Contemporary projects for mural painting and aesthetic requalification in Italy”- but his professional and artistic career as a writer started in the early 1996.

From early on his works have been published in all major street-art magazines (Aelle, Defrag, Stylefile, Xplicit Grafx, Innercity, etc..), he also takes part in numerous conventions and exhibition and creates artwork in many European countries.

With various other world renowned artists he has created important murals for the re-qualification of urban areas, up until 2009 he was a member of the Opiemme collective.

Promoter of the creation of the ‘Murarte’ project of the city of Turin, Italy, in 2001 he founded “il Cerchio e le Gocce” (, the first Italian association dedicated to the promoting of urban creativity.

Through the years thanks to the support of the association he has created and been the artistic director of important projects involving urban culture such as: Street Attitudes (one of the main graffiti conventions in Italy,, the decoration of the Toroc headquarters ( Organizing committee of the 20th 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin), the RFI train station of Moncalieri, Turin Polytechnic, installations of artists such as Blu, Run and the Rebel Ink collective , projects like “Segni d’Europa” or “U.R.C.A”, a course in decoration held within the Comunità Arcobaleno of Turin Prison, the project “Muridamare” for Imperia municipality winner of the ANCI’s competiotion “Giovani idee in commune”, culminating with the “Picturin Festival” (, one of the largest urban art festivals ever held in Europe.

From 2008 he is the owner of “Drip Studio”, a studio specialized in Visual communication.